For years, I've successfully hidden my crush on Zane--my best friend's ultra grumpy, ultra hot twin brother.

But now that he's hired me to fix a tech glitch for his startup, I'm having trouble keeping the feels under wraps.

I SHOULD just keep my head down and do my job like a good employee.

I should NOT go on the investor's weekend that will keep me up close and personal with Zane.

Like...couple's massage kind of personal.

I've got a lot on the line: my friendship, my job, and my stupid little heart that just won't stop beating for him.

But I've never met a risk I didn't like to face head on. Here goes nothing! (Or, maybe, here goes everything...)

Super cute story. Romantic. Funny. Not faith-based but a clean and very enjoyable. Lots of real life moments and thoughts and the story flowed well and there were quite a few spots in the story where I honestly smiled and laughed. I loved the circle of friends that this entire series is based on and look forward to reading the rest of the series. There was a lot of heart in this book as well. 


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