Book Review: A Surefire Love by Emily Conrad

Small towns have long memories, and generations of dysfunction burned Blaze’s reputation before her own faults could.

Twenty-six and guardian to her preteen sister, Blaze is determined to give her sister the stability she never had. Her church is a big part of that plan, until a run-in with an uptight youth pastor derails their progress. Blaze goes toe-to-toe with a man who looked down on her back in high school—and volunteers for his team of youth leaders.

A survivor of the wreck that took his high school basketball coach, Anson sacrificed a promising athletic career to pick up Coach Voss’s legacy. Now a youth pastor, his mission to offer students real hope clashes with a leadership board that’s more concerned about numbers.

As his allies turn their backs and Blaze explores the impact of undiagnosed ADHD on the patterns of her life, Blaze and Anson find unexpected support in each other. Perhaps her preconceived ideas about him are as far off base as his are about her and her sister. When scandal ignites around them, will their love prove to be surefire—or crash and burn?

I wanted to really like this book, but I felt that some parts were a tad slow. I was also a bit confused until I read the back cover and had a grasp on the overall plot. Unfortunately I didn’t like how medication and entire ADHD fit into the story. I’ve seen it affect many different people and I feel it is too deep of a topic to be taken with such as easy (and singular) solution. The relationship between Blaze and Andon was sweet, but I never felt like either was falling in love. I kept waiting for the spark and chemistry between them to grow. I did like the realities of the inside workings of the church and how things can fall apart. The story was filled with Christ and working through challenges and becoming a better person, and all those qualities were great.