Book Review: My Jesus by Anne Wilson

In the bluegrass fields of Kentucky, Anne Wilson and her siblings, Jacob and Elizabeth, grew up in the security and love of their family--and Jesus. But when Jacob died in a car accident, Anne was thrust into a painful journey of grief and soul-wrestling that led to God calling her to create songs that glorified Him.

My Jesus weaves together Anne's personal story with an encouraging message to anyone longing for God to wipe away their tears.
No matter what season of life you're facing, My Jesus comes alongside you to:

  • Show how God can bring purpose out of loss
  • Offer hope in the midst of heartbreak
  • Remind you that God never abandons you
Discover the beauty that can emerge from suffering as you read Anne's story of growing closer to the God who always makes a way.

I loved this book! I was first introduced to Anne Wilson at a Winter Jam concert, and hearing her story was heartbreaking. Reading her book was as well. She certainly laid it all out. She spared no emotion writing about her loss and I loved how each chapter had a tidbit from Anne and some more personal thoughts from her. Her music is amazing and I loved reading about how her career came about and seeing God’s hand move in every aspect. Encouraging and heartfelt. This book was a great read! 

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.