Book Review: Skye Fall by Paige Edwards

Isla Montjoy has it all, a new career in nursing and a police officer boyfriend she adores―until she stumbles across proof of her boyfriend’s corruption. Determined to protect his secrets, he attacks her and leaves her for dead. But against all odds, she lives. On the run for two years, Isla’s life is far from assured as her would-be murderer doggedly tracks her across the UK, intent on silencing her forever.

On a climbing trip in the Scottish Highlands, Ben Pressley-Coombes encounters Isla, a beautiful woman who promptly pepper sprays him without warning or reason. After that rough start, Ben hopes never to lay eyes on her again―but fate has other ideas. Forced into an uneasy association that transforms into a deep-seated romance, the pair soon faces a deadly threat: Isla’s relentless pursuer has discovered her hiding place. If she is to survive, she and Ben must outmaneuver the dirty cop and his treacherous plot to snare her.

A new to me author and I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It’s a mystery/thriller, which I read occasionally. I loved her description of Scotland and Virginia, where the book takes place and I was hooked on the story from the beginning, having no idea how it was all going to play out. I liked that it wasn’t overly dramatic, and the main characters had to lean on God to figure out their trauma. Well done. If faith, romance, and mystery is your cup of tea, this book would be as well.