6th Grade Curriculum Choices | 2022-2023

~Graham is a young 6th Grader, but as far as curriculum goes, he's right on point for 6th grade.

~He's been so good at keep track of his own work and being willing to do things because he knows it needs to get done. He's growing up!

MATH: The Good and the Beautiful (Book 6)
~Very thankful The Good and the Beautiful came out with a new book 6 for math. 
~Math is not Graham’s favorite subject so I think this will challenge him and be a good solid Math program for him this year.
~This is another year of fairly student-led curriculum. 

LANGUAGE ARTS: The Good and the Beautiful (book 5)
~This book 5 is an updated version and I like what I see so far. Everything is contained in only one book.
~We often skip the writing portion and sometimes the novel units since we use other writing and my kids are veracious readers.

WRITING: IEW (U.S. History)
~I love our IEW writing.
~With us using 50 States (and planning another US history unit next year) this will be a great writing unit for him to use this coming year.
~As with Alivia, we will be taking this slower and may take over a year to write through this. He did such a great job last year with the Ancient History unit so I’m thinking he will turn out some great writing again this year.

IEW: Fix it! (Level 2: Town and Mouse)
~Fix it! Grammar is AMAZING!!
~They teach grammar in a easy to learn and logical way.
~The kids gets lots of practice and they introduce new grammar with ease, not too quickly.

HISTORY: Notgrass (50 States)
This is our first year with Notgrass.
~The 50 States has been fun to go through. The stories are fun and there is a good amount of fun facts about the states that keep the kids interested.
~There is Bible curriculum and Literature you can add to it, but we are only using it for the History portion.

SCIENCE: The Good and the Beautiful (Birds)
~I’ve been holding onto this curriculum for quite a while and we are finally getting around to using it!
~The kids are VERY excited about birds! Dad has become quite the bird aficionado the past few years and the kids have been learning right along with him.  
~Graham can’t wait for this as he is the most bird-loving of all the kids!

Other Curriculum We’ll be Using
Handwriting: The Good and the Beautiful (bk 5)
Explode the Code (book 6)