Book Review: Wildflower Falls by Denise Hunter

He’s here to train her horses, and then he’s moving on. She’s keeping her true identity a secret. But their spark complicates both of their plans.

When her mother’s death leaves Charlotte Simpson bereft, she hopes the Robinson clan will accept her as one of their own and help fill the void. But a startling discovery dashes her hopes and leaves her wondering if she will ever know the father she’s always longed for.

Horse trainer Gunner Dawson has experienced profound loss and intends to avoid it. So he lives on the move without forming close bonds or putting down roots. When Charlotte hires him to work with her horses and help expand her ranch, he commits to staying for a few months. But he doesn’t count on getting caught up in Charlotte’s search for her biological father. Or on falling in love—with Riverbend Gap or with Charlotte. This time, he’s not sure if he’ll be able to move on—or if he even wants to.

If you’re ever wanting to reach for a contemporary romance, Denise Hunter never disappoints. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every book in this series. I love how she’s not afraid to delve into tough and emotional and awkward moments. In this story, the main character, Charlotte, has a lot going on and I felt like everything was delt with in a true and realistic way, especially her relationship with her sister and how that played out—very well done. The story never got stagnant and never lagged in the middle. I loved the ranch and the horses and how Gunner came into the story—he was a wonderful leading man. His story pulled at my heartstrings. All of it came together wonderfully.
It would be important to read the prior three books in the series before reading this one. All of them are worth it!
*I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.