Book Review: The Tom Boy by Kylie Key

I have a major crush on...the Tomboy
Taylor Frank is the new addition to the Covington Prep tennis team
She’s in the weight room everyday
Her serves are like deadly missiles
And her forehand flies like a cannonball
And I am seriously in love...
But in tennis, love means nothing
And Taylor’s game plan doesn’t include me
How can I get the tomboy to give me a shot?

I’m at Covington Prep on a tennis scholarship
I know I don’t belong at this exclusive school
But it’s where I need to be for my tennis career
Max Saunders pops up everywhere I go
His honey brown eyes and cute smile are a distraction I don’t want or need
Tennis is my only focus
And I need to keep my head in the game…
But what if Max is my perfect match?

I am always looking for more good teen fiction and came across this series. Knowing it’s not faith-centered I wasn’t sure about it though. It was okay-the typical hardships of a poor girl going to a rich school and finding a boyfriend. Friendships were hard and there were tough aspects of life such as the death of a parent and the major injury to a friend. A quick read, and while I wouldn’t promote it to my teen, it would be a safe read if they wanted a quick, easy, book about stereotypical teenagers.