Book Review: The Fabrication of Eden Pruitt by K.E. Ganshert

Studious and principled Eden Pruitt stepped out of line just once. Unfortunately, that reckless decision ended with an arrest, a mug shot, and two very concerned parents. Now they’re starting over. In Iowa, of all places. On the cusp of her senior year, of all times. The situation is less than ideal but she’ll just have to manage, and without complaint. The change of address was her fault after all, and she isn’t going to make anything harder on her parents, who have already been through enough.

But life in Iowa turns strange fast. Odd things are happening, and Eden has no idea what any of it means. Then she comes home from her first day of school to a ransacked house and the nightmare officially begins. Her parents are missing. She’s convinced something terrible has happened to them. But nobody believes her. Except for a hardened, mysterious stranger who is as dangerous as he is enticing.  

I haven’t read a good YA book in a long while and recently stumbled upon this author and I’m so glad I did. This was a fantastic read! And quite unexpected. A futuristic dystopian novel, with many nods to things happening in our country today. The characters were interesting and the novel clipped along at a steady pace, making it hard for me to put down. Part of the story wrapped up, leaving lots to uncover in the future books, which I look forward to reading in the near future.