Book Review: Please Return to the Lands of Luxury by Jon Tilton

An unexpected treasure. A treacherous journey. A thrilling adventure that will shape her future.

Jane lives on an island of trash. And even though she has to scavenge garbage and deal with sinister robots, she still loves her home. It’s all she’s ever experienced, from her most cherished memories to her foggy past that she can’t quite remember.

But when a doll shows up in the latest batch of garbage, everything changes. Unlike the rest of the junk, the doll is in excellent condition, including its tag which reads, “Please return to Gloria Thatcher.”
Convinced it arrived by accident, Jane vows to return the doll to its rightful owner. There’s just one problem—nobody has left the island before, thanks to the tyrannical robots guarding the Docks, a dangerous place with a mysterious history.

Will Jane find safe passage to the Lands of Luxury? Will she uncover the secrets of her past?

Embark on this thrilling adventure where Jane and her friends discover the importance of hardship and the beauty in sharing stories with life’s greatest treasure—our friends and family.

I loved this story! And I’m excited to know there is more coming. This was a completely different take on anything I’ve ever read before. The thought of a world having a place for garbage…and there being people who live there was so unexpected.  And then to add this heartfelt story with meaning and friendship, and seeing these kids look inside themselves to find their strengths, and to see them learning how to trust each other and others was marvelous! Defiantly a must read!

*I received an advanced copy of this book for my honest review.