5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum | 2021-2022

~We spent some time finishing up some curriculum from last year.

~We joined a co-op at our church.

~We started the year finishing Math 4 since we started it so late last year (read more about that here).

~We had Math 5 and moved right into that in October.

~We LOVE this Math! Math 5 is more independent with video lessons he can watch (or I can walk him through each lesson's "mini lesson"). It's engaging and colorful and thorough. Lots of review.

~We took a break from The Good and the Beautiful last spring, but decided to finish Level 3 and continue on using this curriculum. It covers everything in the Language Arts arena so well!  

~We are not doing a separate spelling curriculum, which is something we have done in the past. 

~We do use an additional writing curriculum.

~We LOVE our IEW writing! This is the curriculum I wish I'd had when I was younger.

~We do this at our co-op. I love that he is able to present his work to his class each week, and having someone else as a teacher has given him a good drive to do his best work. I'm so impressed with the growth of his writing this year!


~A new history curriculum for us.

~After hours of perusing different curriculum I settled on this one since it's a good fit for my oldest kids, which are in high School, but it also has enough fun activities for a fifth grader.

~We listen to the audio of the book as we go though the curriculum. My fifth grader focuses on timeline activities and putting together a Lap Book for each quarter.

~He is also doing history at our co-op and they are focusing on Ancient Times this year so it matches well with our history at home.

~This is also done at co-op. Yay! Since Science is not one of my favorites to teach.

~This is HIS FAVORITE subject!

~Since Dad is the Science brain he reads this book with the younger kids each week to prepare them for class every Friday.

~He has about the last third of this to finish. IEW came out with new version of their Fix It! this year so we will wait to start the next book when he is in 6th grade.

~There is also grammar in his Language Arts, but I LOVE the way IEW teaches grammar so he will do both. 

~Nice and quick. 15 or less each day. 


~We also did the Energy Unit from The Good and the Beautiful this spring and just recently started the Birds unit, which will finish this summer. 

~I like that these units only take a month or two (depending on how many lessons you do a week) and not ALL YEAR LONG. 

~There are lots of science units to choose from, so the kids get to pick out the ones they are most interested in.

Other Curriculum:

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