9th Grade Curriculum Choices | 2021-2022


~We bumped our 13-year-old up into high school since he's been doing the same curriculum as his older brother since third grade.

~We joined a co-op at our church. This is such a blessing.

~We love Math-U-See and they've already done Algebra 1 and Geometry using this same curriculum. They watch the video of the lesson on Monday, spend the week doing lessons, then take a test on Thursday or Friday. The weekly lessons and tests have extensive answers in the book, which is much appreciated when we come to a problem we need to work through with help. They usually do their test on Thursday since we have co-op on Friday and they like to get it all done beforehand.

~This curriculum is solid and thorough. We have been nothing but pleased with it so far.

Language Arts: At Co-op

~They have a certified teacher that teaches English at our church co-op. I sat in on one of her classes last Spring and I loved the discussion and book selections they'd done. They will read amazing books, have insightful discussions, and all within a safe environment with a Godly teacher.

~They will write essays and do analysis of books and characters. They will get so much out of this class with their peers and the teacher will be digging into these books in a way I would not.

~A few of the books they will read are Peter Pan, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and Frankenstein, as well as creating an in-depth autobiography notebook.

~This is our first year using this course. It is a lot of information and there are a lot of additional actives they could do, but we are focusing on the reading and map work and one assignment every chapter or so. The hope is to make it through the first two books this year.
~This curriculum is very Bible based and I look forward to learning history with a Biblical worldview. 

~Having to teach a high school science lab was not something I was looking forward to, and when I learned our co-op was planning to do Biology I was thrilled!!! My plan was for them to do a biology course their Freshman year, and lo and behold, that just happens to be what the co-op was planning.

~Yay for other people who LOVE science.

~They will get to do all the tests and labs at co-op--YAY!

~This grammar is amazing. Why change a good thing? Less than 15 minutes a day and they are not only learning new grammar and reinforcing what’s been previously taught, they get to practice it in short snippets each day. 

~It will be great for the kids to write and perform speeches in front of their peers, as well as have a logic class within the safe environment of those who seek truth from the Bible. 
~The lady teaching this class has taught it multiple times before, often with her own kids within the co-op setting.

~They will also spend half the year writing and presenting speeches.

~Jeffrey will be taking Greek as one of his classes at co-op. It will just be him and one other kid doing this class.
~During this time Cameron will be helping at co-op in a lower-level Math class.