Solving the mystery could cost all the time she has left.

Hannah suddenly finds that she has time travelled once again, but this time is different. After helping save a woman's life, Hannah discovers that she has completely altered the timeline and thrown her very existence into jeopardy.

Facing life-threatening effects upon returning to her own time, Hannah is then given a death sentence: if she time travels again, she will die. Now, Hannah must solve the clues to her own identity and find a way to save her own life before she is once again sent spiraling through time. Will her mother's locket hold the key to both her past and her future? Has she just found the love of her life only to lose him? Could God have a plan for Hannah amidst the chaos?

Lots of questions answered and more brought to light. There was much more medical technology in this book and unfortunately a trope that I do not enjoy came to light—A Love Triangle. It’s just awkward to read about and felt uncomfortable. So far I don’t see how it adds to the story. I still don’t know how it ends and why she had this time traveling ability so the reading of this series will continue. 


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