Former foster child Ember Bryant is content with her life: pouring lattes at the local coffee shop, volunteering at the library, and happily devouring romance novels to share about on her bookstagram account. She has other aspirations, certainly, but it’s not until an opportunity to take on an interior design project for a well-known figure in Balsam Falls that she decides to take a risk.

The catch? Doing the project will mean working alongside Graham Del Ray, a man as gorgeous and successful as he is gruff and elusive.

Since becoming the VP of Del Ray Development, work has been Graham Del Ray’s primary focus. If his childhood taught him anything it’s to keep life neat and orderly, and then retreat to his country home with its wildflower field to unwind. Until a curveball is thrown at him: the offer of a contracting job he can’t say no to.

The downfall? The project’s interior designer is the pretty girl from the coffee shop, who he hasn’t been able to get out of his head for the past four years.

Despite their best efforts, they develop an unlikely friendship—the whimsical romantic and the no-nonsense developer. But as they begin to learn who the other truly is, encouraging one another to reach for their dreams, denying the chemistry between them becomes impossible.

Without the restraints of their pasts, will they open up enough to build a life together, or will time shed too much light on their differences?  

First book I’ve read by this author and I thought the writing was great and the story engaging. My favorite part though was that it didn’t follow the usual pattern that books follow. There was no big fall-out. It was just a romance. A story of two people falling in love and the things that happened to bring them together. Both characters were flawed, yet open to change, and in the process found themselves better for being with one another. 


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