“The world seems full of good men—even if there are monsters in it.”
–Bram Stoker, Dracula
England, 1890
Vampires are alive and well in North Yorkshire, leastwise in the minds of the uneducated. Librarian Rosa Edwards intends to drive a stake through the heart of such superstitions. But gossip flies when the mysterious Sir James Morgan returns to his shadowy manor. The townsfolk say he is cursed.
James hates everything about England. The weather. The rumours. The scorn. Yet he must stay. His mother is dying of a disease for which he’s desperately trying to find a cure—an illness that will eventually take his own life.
When Rosa sets out to prove the dark gossip about James is wrong, she discovers more questions than answers. How can she accept what she can’t explain—especially the strong allure of the enigmatic man? James must battle a town steeped in fear as well as the unsettling attraction he feels for the no-nonsense librarian.
Can love prevail in a town filled with fear and doubt?

It’s a book my Michelle Griep so obviously I loved everything about it. I mean, I knew it would be a good book, but man, oh man—the tension and drama and eeriness she created in this novel was beyond what I expected. I was completely immersed in the unknown. The way she drew out dozens and dozens of tense moments is masterful!

I can't believe I haven't read her first book in the series (but thankfully they are stand-alone nobles so I didn't point anything). The entire book had a mysterious and dark overtone, but with faith woven throughout the entire story it was intriguing and I never felt the darkness would overwhelm. Brilliantly done!!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


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