A near-death experience catapults workaholic junior editor Kelsey Worthington into changing her life--one yes at a time.

Kelsey Worthington always dreamed of being a writer, but she's settled into a routine of helping other people tell their stories in her job as a junior editor. She doesn't go outside of her comfort zone. Her relationships are safe. Her job is secure. Her existence is stable. And she's great with that.

And then, the accident.

While she's in the hospital overnight, she meets an older woman named Georgina Tate--a glass-ceiling-shattering, wildly successful businesswoman. Georgina sacrificed everything to become the woman she is today, but now, with a pair of failing kidneys and only a handful of months left to live, Georgina is forced to come face-to-face with her regrets. Kelsey is forced to reckon with her own list of "things I'll do someday," and she starts to ask a simple but life-changing What if I said yes to all the things I normally say no to? And The Yes Plan is born.

It takes some convincing, but Georgina finally agrees to go along with Kelsey on her Summer of Yes adventures. The two of them set off to see what might be out there waiting for them if they simply open themselves up to it. Together, they say yes to whatever comes their way--a whole day being tourists in their own New York City, dinner with strangers, a convertible that is far from practical but so much fun. But when Kelsey springs a surprise visit to Georgina's son Hayden and Georgina's ex-husband (who is not so much of an ex), the older woman is less than thrilled. But this is where the true journey begins.

Two stories of love, forgiveness, regret, romance, and finding a way to live a fearless life intertwine as these two women make an indelible impression on each other. And it all starts with a simple "yes."

Fantastic!! While each of us may not see ourselves completely in Kelsey or Georgina, I’d bet that each of us can find a bit of us in one, the other, or both of these ladies. The insight and risks Kelsey take are refreshing and can challenge each of us to find a little more “yes” in our lives. She may even challenge you to do some soul searching. I certainly found myself wondering more about the choices I’ve made in my own life while reading this fictional story. While this story was focused mainly on the two women, there was, of course, also a dash of romance. Not enough to overpower the story, but just the right amount for us to see why Kelsey and Georgina ask even more questions about the importance of saying "yes." This book is right at the top of my favorites from Courtney Walsh. 

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


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