I know how this story ends. And it’s NOT with the best friends falling in love.

Even if Chase checks all my boxes--and then some.

He’s the perfect guy, and he deserves the perfect girl. Which, to be clear, is not me. I knew one day I would have to let him go. I just didn’t know it would be so soon.

Or that my traitorous friend would be the one setting him up with a string of potential girlfriends.

Now, I have an impossible choice to make... I can watch Chase find love with someone else. Or I can throw my hat in the ring and face my biggest fear, one not even he knows.

One that might make him run for the Texas hill country.

But if I don’t make a play, I might lose my best friend and my only chance at love...

Another story about this tight knit group of friends. Harper’s personality was very different, which was definitely the entire point of this entire story. It was all about her self-discovery. The main relationship was a pair of best friends who have had feelings towards one another and not felt like they could do anything about it, even though everyone else knew. I felt like they’d been stringing one another along. While I enjoyed the family aspects both characters had but because there was no get-to-know you as part of the relationship it didn’t really have the fall-in-love aspect that I enjoy.


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