This isn’t a wedding. This is war …

I get it. We were in elementary school. Just a couple of kids on the playground. But after Nash Hendrix called me Enemy instead of Emily, his 
stupid nickname ruined my life.

Now our best friends are getting married, and they expect me to stand across the aisle from Nash the Ruiner without killing him?

Whatever. I can survive being maid of honor. It’s only for one weekend.

Until it’s not.

When I get roped into wedding planning at the same places Nash is fundraising, I’m ready to blow up our temporary truce.

All I wanted was to start over. New job. New permanently-single status.

But the more time we spend together, the more I feel like … not murdering him.

Is it possible Nash and I don’t hate each other?

No way. He’s still my enemy.

My big, dumb enemy.

My big, dumb, gorgeous, sweet-talking, dog-loving —

Emi, you’re doomed!

I really enjoyed Emi’s story. She had to overcome how she thought about herself (and Nash) back in middle school and high school and evaluate what was true in her life then and now. There were many hilarious encounters between the two of them and I thought Nash and her balanced each other out. This was a great second installment to this Apple Valley series. 

There were a few more telling signs in this book that it's not faith-filled, but again, the romance was sweet and low-key and I'd still rate it cleaner than other Christian romances I've read.


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