A humiliating break-up leads to an impulsive New Year’s Kiss with a complete stranger. 
What could possibly go wrong?

It’s no secret that I love life. And Dr Pepper. But also, I love a challenge. . .
So when the coach of the Chicago Comets gives me the opportunity to help their star player, newly traded to their team, acclimate to life in Chicago, I'm all in.
I have to be. After my last job went up in flames, I have something to prove.
It turns out that the player, Grayson Hawke, is the rudest, most off-putting, reclusive guy I’ve ever met.
It also turns out that he is the beautiful stranger I kissed on New Year’s Eve.
I can do this job. I can do this job. I can do this job. 
And I can. Really well.
I can make Gray’s life easier, show him all the reasons to fall in love with this city, and in the process, hopefully completely forget that the amazing kiss ever happened.
How hard can it be? We’re total opposites anyway.
I love people . . . and all their stories. Gray loves hockey . . . and nothing else.
I love to talk. Gray only stares.
I’m happy-go-lucky. Gray’s all work and no play.
There’s just one problem. The more time I spend with Grayson Hawke, the more I start to see that underneath his bristly, standoffish exterior, he’s nothing like the man everyone thinks he is.
And suddenly, all the reasons for keeping my distance, staying professional, and not falling for someone again. . .are impossible to remember.

I always enjoy a Courtney Walsh book. This one is one of her best. I loved the main character and her spunk and positive outlook and love for life. The brooding, hurt, and misunderstood male protagonist was also a good contract to her and I love how they connected and fell for one another. There were a few surprises in the book and overall it was just a great, charming, and fun story to read. 


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