What happens when the man I love to hate becomes the man I must pretend to love?

I can’t seem to escape Thayden Walker and his infuriating charm.

Even his mother and his Great Dane seem bent on playing matchmaker. But I’m totally immune.

Until I'm presented with an offer that puts my ability to withstand him to the test. If I marry Thayden, all my student debt goes poof, and he'll take over the family firm.

There’s so much more at stake than money or a job, especially when I start to see the man beneath the mask.

Playing house with Thayden is the most dangerous game of all.

And we’re both set up to lose more than we could ever win. Unless we’ve been on the same side all along …

While I felt like the trope behind this is a little over the top, I really liked this couple and their story! A lot. Learning the painful backstory of these people made their end story all the sweeter. There was a lot of funny parts in this story and of the first three books in the series, this one is my favorite one so far. 


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