When the Duke and Duchess of Kent rent neighboring Woolbrook Cottage for the winter, the Summers sisters are called upon to host three of the royal couple's male staff in their seaside house. But they soon realize they've invited mysterious secrets and the sweet possibility of romance into their home.

Meanwhile, Emily Summers approaches a local publisher in hopes of fulfilling her dream of becoming an author. When he turns her down, his dashing competitor promises to consider her novel if she will first write a new Sidmouth guidebook for him. Emily accepts and begins researching with the help of the Duke of Kent's handsome private secretary. But a surprise visitor from her past shows up at Sea View, leaving Emily torn between the desires she used to hold dear and her budding dreams for the future.

I’ve been anticipating this second book in the On Devonshire Shores series and once I got reacquainted with all the characters I was hooked. The writing is easy to follow and there is a lot going on, just like her other book, but it’s so neat to read about everyone’s story, focusing on one in particular. The actual historical events of Princess Victoria and her parents was a neat addition. I loved how the entire book flowed and am excited to read about the next sister.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


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