The first rule of being a winner? Never lose your heart …

People think it’s easy being Felix Dodd III. And sure the legacy and inheritance aren’t exactly terrible. But the name comes with so many strings, my hands feel permanently tied.

Like I’m stuck following in my father’s footsteps.

Like I can’t trust people’s intentions.

Like my grandmother wants me settled down before my thirtieth birthday.

I’ve got less than zero interest in marriage, ever since my one attempt at love crashed and burned. But Grams won’t let me access my trust until I’m engaged. Which means I need a fiancée.

Someone who’s looking for quick cash and a quicker getaway.

Someone like Lucy Devlin.

She’s got less than zero interest in me. But if I can get her to play along—just long enough to fool my grandmother— Lucy will be a whole lot richer, Grams will be none the wiser, and I’ll stay heartbreak free.

Just as long as I remember the new rule: Don’t love Lucy for real.

This book was a little on the quirky side, but in a good way. The main characters come together in order to help a grandmother who is a bit strange and it’s your typical fake dating trope, but it was still cute and a great story. Lucy’s life hasn’t been that easy and it was nice to read her story after hearing about her in the first two books. 

There were a few more telling signs in this book that it's not faith-filled, but again, the romance was sweet and low-key and I'd still rate it cleaner than other Christian romances I've read.


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