Our arrangement was supposed to be for just one month…

Single-dad Mac needs a temporary nanny for his daughter, Daisy. I need a second job until my promotion kicks in. Since our arrangement is only for one month, I am positive I won’t get attached. Medium positive. Okay, 

I’m negative.

This is a terrible idea.

Because I can’t give Mac and Daisy what they need, and I won’t risk breaking their hearts, but his green eyes and her crooked pigtails have me dreaming about forever. And who can resist a dad buying pink ballerina tights after a day spent in a hard hat?

The thing is Mac is a fixer, and I need to repair my own life. Better yet, I don’t want to feel broken. So it’s a good thing the worst has already happened to me. Nothing will hurt more now. Water can’t get wetter. That’s what I keep telling myself.

Too bad I’m all wrong…

My first book by Julie Christianson and I was drawn in by her writing right away. She has flare, and a fun and engaging writing style that I really enjoyed! And her story, while not faith-filled, was cleaner than many Christian books I’ve read. The meet-cute was sweet and I was interested from the start to see how things would work out in the end. Definitely an author to check out if you’re into sweet romantic stories, with a dash of comedy and some witty writing. 


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