What’s a girl to do when her co-worker bestie sends her mixed signals during a work crisis?

This past year has been one for the record books…

With my Pops checking himself into a nursing home after his dementia diagnosis, and my boyfriend of seven months ditching me for his cat, my life has begun a downward trend.

And just when I think my anxiety can’t get any worse, my impossible-to-please boss decides to try and change the emotionally stunted climate of our workplace by throwing me and my co-workers into the worst social experiment of the decade.

The one light in this bizarre turn of events is my handsome work bestie, Parker. And even though he can’t hear, and my Sign Language is still a bit stilted, our inside jokes and silly antics keep me sane during these field trips our boss insists we go on.

When my attraction to Parker becomes too great to ignore, I start to wonder if he sees me as more than a friend. But giving into my feelings is too much of a risk and would put more than just our friendship on the line.

So, I’ll continue to hide my attraction at all costs. Even if it means losing a chance at the future I've always wanted.

This was a cute and fun romcom. We get to know Parker and Jamie very well as the story is written first-person from both characters. These two were perfect for one another from the start, and with some funny antics, embarrassing moments, and tender feelings from both of them the story unfolded seamlessly. The author’s writing is upbeat and fun and carries the story well. The epilogue has me very interested in how the next book will play out. Well done getting us all hooked into the next storyline already. LOL.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


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