Check out our homeschool curriculum choices for first grade! We are ready for the new school year!

First Grade is looking a bit different for us this year. We did some homeschooling curriculum last year, while she also attended our local public school, since we knew we would be homeschooling for First Grade. I have a feeling she'll fly through some of this curriculum and we'll be adding more soon, but these are the curriculum choices we are using to start our 2020-2021 school year.

7 year old girl ready for second grade homeschool

We are a quarter of the way through this level and should be ready for Level 2 right after the New Year. We started this in the Spring once the public schools shut down. This is a very hands-on program!

The activity box we purchased is used for both level 1 and 2. There are tangrams, a clock, lots of one, tens, and hundreds to work with. There are numbered cards to be used for a variety of different games and activities, as well as counters, games boards, and fraction pieces.

There is an optional game, or extra activity added to each lesson. So far we have always done this added activity and each lesson has taken us 20-30 minutes.

math curriculum manipulatives for first grade the good and the beautiful  math curriculum manipulatives for first grade

The program at this level is heavy on the Arts Appreciation, Reading, and Phonics. There are spelling goals, memorization goals, sight word goals, phonics cards, lots of mini books, plus a Reader—full of wholesome stories.

We did Level Pre-K last year, sporadically, as she was attending our local Kindergarten as well. We were planning to homeschool this year and I knew I’d be using TGATB so I wanted to make sure she had the foundation for the program by starting at the beginning. She should be ready for Level 1 before Christmas.

These levels do not necessarily correspond to grades. At the beginning of Kindergarten we would not have been ready for Level K. I have mapped out the lessons on our calendar (we use Homeschool Planet) but I am not hesitant to slow down and spend more time on any lesson if needed. My goal is always understanding and engagement, and that may not happen every single day—and if it’s affecting her ability to grasp and apply the lesson, then we pause. This is just one of the blessings of homeschooling.

first grade homeschool language arts first grade homeschool language arts curriculum examples

This is only a section of IEW’s Primary Arts of Language Curriculum. The amount of activities and games and reading and writing options within this program is absolutely amazing! If my daughter was a few years younger this would have been my entire go-to program for her.

I wanted a bridge for her before diving into the Theme-Based Writing (which my older children use) so I grabbed this Reading portion for her. It’s been different than I thought, but what I am loving is how we are learning all the helpers and chunks and different ways to label words to help her decode them.

We also purchased the Phonics Farm to go with this and we spend about 15 minutes a day on this.

first grade reading curriculum from iew first grade reading curriculum with reading example

This is another program that only takes about 15-20 minutes a day. Each day there is a short passage to read. Jack and Jill uses nursery rhymes to expand the kids' vocabulary development using words that are easy for them to say and learn. They start with sound-to-letter correspondence, then move on by finding vowel and consonant patterns in later passages. I am looking forward to seeing how she progresses through this new program!

first grade spelling curriculum example
first grade spelling curriculum example with answers shown

Here are a few subject we will do together as a family. 

homeschool history curriculum with game shownhomeschool curriculum history with examples

homeschool botany curriculum cover and flower and seedhomeschool botany curriculum with examples

Recap of our First Grade Curriculum


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