Eliza Ellis has stayed hidden in Balfour Forest for as long as she can remember. Perhaps her only friends are the trees, or her little dog, or her story-telling father called Captain. But at least she is safe from the cruel world outside, a world Captain has warned her against and protected her from.
That is, until a handsome stranger named Felton Northwood invades her quiet forest and steals her away. Why does he tell such lies? Why does he insist that her name is Miss Eliza Gillingham, daughter of a viscount, who disappeared fourteen years ago after the murder of her own mother? A murder Eliza is said to have witnessed.
When Felton returns Eliza to Monbury Manor and reunites her with a man who is told to be her father, all she remembers are the strange nightmares that have plagued her since childhood. Why have they suddenly grown worse? Are the answers hidden inside her own mind?
As danger mounts and lethal attempts are made on her life, Eliza and Felton must work together to uncover the identity of a killer who has stayed silent for fourteen years. When she finally uncovers the horrendous memories trapped in her mind, will divulging the truth cost her the man she loves—and both of their lives?

I like the idea behind this story, and even all the twists and turns and unseen outcomes that came out along the way. What did bother me was the evil in it--there was something about it that didn’t sit right with me, even made me slightly uncomfortable. I love a good mystery and don't even mind dark overtones to a story, but it needs to have faith and a belief in our God woven into the story. While this is marketed as a Christian book, it didn’t feel like one. God/Jesus was mentioned only fleetingly and seemed to have no connection in the characters’ lives. And with a background these characters had, faith should have played a vital role in getting them through life. As it was, Eliza apparently had faith, and called to it a few times when in trouble, while Felton was angry and overbearing and seemed to have little to no faith at all. I would not call this a Christian story and because that was what I expected, and what I enjoy reading, this story didn’t hit the mark for me.
*I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


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