He was supposed to want my sister...


Every day looks the same for me: wake up, go to work, and bring work home. Organized schedules are life-giving, and Donwell Family Law is my soulmate. But when my well-intentioned twin ships me off on a date with the prince of Korsa in her stead, my perfectly functioning life is derailed. Especially when he begins to show up in my safe places.

To make matters worse, when I’m with him, I feel… something. He encourages the real me instead of the masked façade of my twin.
I’ve never dated before because most men don’t understand me, but Finley is somehow able to read me the way I read philosophy books: easy and quick.

And when he learns of my mental disabilities, he doesn’t shame me.

He… says he loves me?


After my brother drops news that alters my life course, I suddenly find myself in need of a wife. More than that, she must be a woman capable of queenship since I am now set to become the next king of Korsa in less than a year’s time. My old college friend believes she has the right woman for me, so I vow to give this woman a chance and pray she will be the one for me so that I can marry for love instead of necessity.

But when I learn I’ve been dating the wrong twin, I can’t bring myself to regret it. Lorelei is everything I need in a wife and queen—intelligent, brave, kind, and humble.

The problem?

She doesn’t see her worth through my eyes, so I must now convince her that she is capable of change and worthy of love.

A cute and super sweet story about a twin who is a bit different. Autism can take on many different forms and it was sweet how the love interest, Finley, went out of his way to make sure Lorelei felt seen and heard. There was a twist using royalty and a timeline to fall in love which gave an unusual spin to the story. Faith was woven throughout as a usual and simple part of life, in a way I appreciated. It also gave me insight into the twin sister who is the main character in the next book. 


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