Two years ago, he broke my heart—and now he’s forgotten all about it.

When my sister goes into labor, what are the chances that the nearest hospital would be the one where my ex, Kevin Bryant, is a surgical resident?

You know—the man who decided being a doctor was more important than love and left me reeling. Hard.

But when we run into each other—quite literally—he falls, hits his head, and wakes up with amnesia.

And he still thinks we’re together.

His brother Connor asks me to pretend we’re dating, just for a little while, so we can ease Kevin into the truth.

But the real truth is that being around this strong, capable man again is making me remember things I would rather forget.

Yeah, hi, my name is Lola, and I’m clearly a glutton for punishment. Because here I am. Pretending with him. Taking care of him.

Kissing him.

Just waiting for the bubble to burst.

Because as soon as Kevin snaps out of this and remembers the past, there WILL be another heartbreak.

And all I’ll have is the memories of what was.

New to me author. Kristin Canary is her rom com author name. She also writes books under her given name: Lindsay Harrel. I absolutely enjoyed this book. The writing was fun and brought me into the mind of the main character. There were silly moments and heartfelt moments. The entire story was endearing and I loved the chemistry between the main character and her “ex.” The way they figured out how to move past the past was great and I will be reading more in this series. Definitely put her on your list if you love a good romance. 


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