The secrets of Yesterday come to haunt Hannah's life today.

Hannah was supposed to get married. She was supposed to live happily ever after. And she was definitely NOT supposed to ever time travel again.

But when Hannah’s fairy tale turns into a nightmare, she discovers seemingly random events in the past have a deadly reality for the man she loves. She now must use what she learned to protect him from pursuing a path that would cost him his life. But certain secrets may cause irreparable damage.

When tragedy strikes, will Hannah be able to face today with no happily ever after in sight? 

A few interesting time travels that definitely add more mystery to this story. These are like mini novels and each one reads quickly. The love triangle comes into play more in this story—which is the why I rated it lower. If not for that it’d be a solid 4 star. I just really don’t like that trope. At all.


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