A billionaire who never planned to return to his hometown and the girl who hoped he never would. Pete Collins grew up in the small town of Pine Haven, Alabama, but when he sold his first social media app he left to start his company in New York City and never looked back. His only regret was leaving Mallory behind. Mallory Edwards never wanted to leave her hometown, but she would have followed Pete anywhere. Too bad he never gave her the chance. When Pete returns home after his grandmother’s death, he is more afraid of running into Mallory than anything else. But when his friend convinces him to help with a local event, he finds himself partnered with Mallory. As they work together they try to avoid old feelings, but that proves hard to do. Mallory refuses to let Pete into her life, but Pete can’t get her out of his mind. Pete will have to come to terms with what he’s willing to give up for her, and Mallory will have to decide if trusting him is worth the risk of him breaking her heart all over again.

Same feel to it as the first book, but I did like the relationship between Mallory and Pete better. Might be because they had a past to overcome and Pete wasn’t a believer so there was more to overcome. But then that brings into light that Mallory and Pete’s relationship should actually be a big issue if only one of them was following the Lord. But dating a non-Christianson and being so emotionally involved with someone who isn’t a Christian was never mentioned at all. (This is something that has bothered me before about “Christian” books—don’t mind my soapbox moment). I did like that it had many Christian messages throughout, but this main one, dating a non-Christian, definitely missed the mark.  


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