Following a family tragedy, Sydney Adair has compartmentalized her life into reliable, predictable routines and stuck to them. Dreams like opening her own yoga studio or the possibility of having a family pale in comparison to what she lost nearly a year ago, comfortability becoming the only constant she wants.

Having six-feet-three-inches of wounded, broody detective living in her backyard—along with his precious daughter—does not fit within her parameters.

Detective Jordan Del Ray has been running from his mother’s abandonment and his father’s workaholism since he left his hometown fifteen years ago. He’s made a life for himself and his daughter, until a shooting leaves him with two bullet holes in his shoulder and the PTSD he hasn’t been able to shake since his discharge from the Marines, forcing him to move back to the place that started it all.

And lands him only steps away from the fiery blonde barista he met briefly over the summer, who is just as determined as him to block out the darkness from her past.

Between their painful pasts and the mutual agreement to keep their arrangement strictly business, feelings shouldn’t be a problem. But when distrust turns into baking gingerbread cookies, and self-defensive banter shifts into searching conversations, will Jordan and Sydney find the courage to face their own respective ghosts—and find out just how powerful their connection is? Or will the tangle of mysteries they find themselves caught up in sever the fragile family they’ve begun to build? 

Book two in this series and I enjoyed this one more than the first. Again, this story wasn’t overly dramatic, it just told an interesting story of two people finding one another. The banter between the two main characters in this story was fantastic, and the nicknames they had for one another were super cute. I’ll definitely have my eye own for the next few books in this series as they come out.


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