People who say keep your enemies closer never took a road trip with a guy who hated their guts.

A month ago, my identity as Dr. Love was a secret. A month ago, I thought 

I was getting engaged.

A month ago, I wasn’t stuck with the guy who hates me most in the world.

Now… if I don’t make nice with my #1 hater, I might lose my book deal.
Without that, I’m not sure what I have left.

But when I’m forced on a publicity tour with everyone’s favorite guy, the guy who says I ruined his relationship, I didn’t know how low I could go.

At every stop, I get roasted and he gets more revered.

You would think after a while, I would hate him too.

And you would be very, very wrong...

The last book about these friends. I thought it was a great way to end! This story was definitely all about the two main characters getting to know one another since almost the entire book took place while they were traveling together. There were quite a few laugh-out-loud moments, even if some were a bit outlandish. I enjoyed learning about Sam’s parents and how that impacted her own views on relationships. The book also ended with a look into the future with all the characters in this series. It was a cute and fun snippet and an interesting way to end this fun series. 


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