Hayes McGuire never believed the stories about the famous Nantucket matchmaker, Noni Rose, until he’s roped into filling in while Noni leaves the island for Christmas.

So he enlists the help of the one person he can trust with this crazy scheme—his best friend, Prudence. Armed with a series of rules, a book of success stories and the promise of Christmas magic, the pair of old friends sets out to make a Christmas match that would make Noni Rose proud.
Little do they know that magic doesn’t discriminate, and the pair soon finds their years of friendship deepening into something more. Will Pru and Hayes ignore the electricity in the air between them or will there be more than one match made at Christmas?

This book was a fun quintessential “Hallmark Christmas” story. It was cute, the main characters were charming, and I appreciated that they weren’t newly acquainted. It was a story of long-time friends moving to something more. It was well done and a neat take on the genre with a bit of small town matchmaking as well.


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