Roofer Marco Mendez always thought there was only one woman for him: his high school crush, Lillian Harrison. But when he receives her wedding announcement in the mail, he must accept his loss and move on. Following his best friend’s advice, he meets Jose’s cousin and asks her to pretend a temporary relationship and attend the wedding as his plus-one. With a charade so simple, nothing could ever go wrong…yet little does he know what a mess he is getting himself into.

Rosalina Torres has zero interest in a relationship at present. She has enough on her plate keeping her growing dog-grooming business running, without the added distraction of a man in her life. Despite that, when her cousin asks her to go on a dinner date with his best friend, she agrees, with the peace of mind nothing will come of it. But when a conversation gets out of control, she finds herself stuck in a most incredulous ruse.

With each fake date, the lie starts to feel a little more like truth. But when the agreement comes to an end, what will it take for Marco and Rosalina to admit their true feelings? How can they overcome the obstacles created by their deception? And in the end, can God take their mess and turn it into something good, eventually filling their hearts with wonder?

I haven’t read many books with the fake dating trope, but I’ve seen a lot of movies (lol). I like how this book focused on the internal struggle the two of them had with lying. The secondary characters in the story were very likable. I am not a huge dog lover so that element of the story didn’t appeal to me very much. There was also a few major injuries that were a tad brushed over. Again, as with the first book in this series, there was cute banter and the elements of faith were woven throughout and very important to the characters.

*I received an advanced copy of this book for my honest review. 


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