Having had her heart broken and dreams dashed, Emery Jane Wagner, DC has turned her time and attention to her new career. Believing there are no men left in the world who can treasure her heart and love her like her own father, she has all but given up on marriage. Until, a surprisingly thought-provoking lesson about worms gets her thinking, maybe, she has judged all men too harshly…especially one particular man.

After suffering an injury at work, union electrician Leland Sutton goes on disability and returns to his hometown to recover…starting off on the wrong foot by making an incredibly embarrassing blunder. In an attempt to speed up the healing process, upon his mom’s recommendation, he sees a local chiropractor and soon learns there is another kind of electricity he has never experienced before. Lee dedicates his free time to exploring this new realization, and helping a work-driven woman re-learn how to enjoy the fun in life.

When the electrical charge between them becomes too great to ignore, and as God does his healing work in Emery’s heart, a romance starts to spark. But, when past hurts come knocking on the door, will it kill the power source or strengthen the connection? Most of all, can God turn their blunders into wonder so they can trade their aches for happily ever laughter?

This was my first book by B.M. Baker and my favorite part about her writing is that she has woven faith throughout the entire book. I thought the relationship between Emery and Leland was sweet and they had cute banter. There were very few obstacles to overcome and for the most part was a story about two people finding each other and how God’s timing was perfect. There were a few things that were a tad too predictable in my opinion, but all in all this was a fun Christian rom-com. 


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