Most school systems are failing our kids, and many parents are turning to other options. Whether you work outside the home, work inside your home, are a stay at home parent, or anything in-between, homeschooling is a viable option for you. 

Below are three questions to ask yourself when considering whether or not to homeschool. 

Do I have a gut feeling?
The gut feeling! At times it can make decisions easier, and other times we wonder if it’s “really” our gut or if we’re trying to create something out of nothing. 

That gut feeling can be very confusing! Yet, if you have a gut feeling, even an inkling, that homeschooling may be on the horizon for you and your family, it’s worth exploring. 

That little nudge…  
That little feeling… 
That small voice in the back of your head…

It’s there for a reason. Listen to it, explore it, research it, and go for it. It may be the best gut feeling you ever listen to.

Scared? Do it anyway! Having doubts is normal, even the most seasoned homeschool parents wonder if they're doing the right thing. It'd be strange to not have a little fear about homeschool.

Follow your gut and do it scared!
Am I Capable of Being a Good Teacher?

Yes! Without a doubt—Yes!
Teaching has nothing to do with qualifications or hours spent in a classroom or grades received in school or if you went to college or not. 

The best teachers are the ones who care!  You are their parent—you are THE BEST teacher they could ever have! 
No one could ever care more than you, and that makes you the best option. If you have the desire to teach your kids at home, never let yourself doubt in your own abilities. 

Will it always be easy?  No way, but that's to be expected and part of the journey.

You will learn as you go and your children will learn with you—what a great combination!

What if I Change my Mind?
No big deal! What’s the worst that could happened? You decide to homeschool, jump in with both feet, and somewhere down the road you decide to change course? It happens. 

And it’s ok.
Sometimes desire and reality just don’t mesh. Or maybe you'll need to pivot and do things differently then planned. Maybe that means putting them back in school. Maybe that means joining a co-op, or an enrichment day. Maybe that means joining a parent group for support.  There are so many options out there!
Whatever changes you make in your schooling journey, nothing is ever set in stone. And that’s a good thing. Whether it comes to curriculum, or scheduling, or who teaches which subjects, things can (and should) always be fluid and able to change. 
Life looks differently for all of us. Deciding to homeschool is an amazing journey you get to go on with your children. But it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s journey. That truly is the beauty of it!


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